San Diego Home Inspector


If you are looking for a dependable home inspection service in San Diego, contact Bob Fennema Home Inspection, MCI.  We have provided superior and affordable home and property inspections for over 22  years.  As Certified Professional Home Inspectors, we have earned a reputation in the community for providing comprehensive and reliable professional inspection services using the latest inspection tools and equipment.  The result is that we provide our clients with the details needed to make an informed decision about the property being inspected in a clear, concise and professional report.

When you decide to use our services you can trust that we will perform a thorough house inspection. We spend 2-3 hours reviewing the condition of all major systems on the property.  During the inspection process, a building inspector will check the plumbing, roof, basement, heating system, water heater, electrical system, air conditioning system, and many other aspects of your home.  We look for areas that will require extensive repairs as well as issues that require general maintenance.  We will also let you know of any problems that may present fire safety issues such as potential fire hazards.

Our meticulous property inspection will allow you to become familiar with the property you are interested in purchasing.  We will be able to let you know how the home was built and how it has been maintained over the years, as well as what types of repairs will be needed immediately or in the future. This is a chance to really find out the condition of what you are purchasing. If any significant problems are discovered during the inspection we will tell you, giving you  the opportunity to determine your options for correcting the deficiencies and avoiding any last minute surprises.  We will also provide you with ideas and tips on how any needed repairs can be completed cost-effectively.

With over 22 years of experience, both buyers and sellers have relied on the judgment of our home inspectors to provide knowledgeable, detailed, and impartial professional property inspections.  With the experience and expertise of the San Diego home inspectors, we proudly stand behind our work.  You will be happy with the services we provide, we stand behind our work .  If you are looking for a quality home inspection service in San Diego, give us a call today and make an appointment with the most experienced home and building inspector.